Spring Wish List // 2014

Well, I’m making a spring wish list, but it isn’t exactly spring yet. This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous, but as I’m writing this, freezing rain and sleet are falling. Sigh. Hopefully by real springtime, it will be warm enough to wear the items on this list. So, without further ado, here’s my wish list for Spring 2014.

1 » J.Crew Back-zip colorblock sweatshirt



This item has been checked off the wish list! As I was browsing the huge J.Crew sale today, I saw this gem and I couldn’t resist. I love that it looks comfy and a little loose without looking sloppy. It would look adorable on its own, or maybe with a button-down underneath! It’s so versatile that I think I could get away with wearing it with shorts as well as jeans. This is just a great winter-to-spring transition piece.

2 » Starbucks Recycled Glass Tumbler



When I popped into Starbucks for a vanilla latte yesterday, I saw this on the merchandise shelf and I kind of fell in love. I don’t actually own any cold drink tumblers, so this cup would be the first in my collection. I like that the Starbucks logo and accompanying cup design are subdued because it’s glass, but the fact that it’s glass is my only concern. But at $10, it’s a great alternative to other, more expensive designer tumblers.

3 » Sole Society Bethanie Flats



After reading Carly Heitlinger’s Sole Society post yesterday, I decided to poke around on their site a little bit, just to see what was new. While scrolling through the shoe section, I stumbled across these adorable flats. I have no idea how they didn’t make it into Carly’s post! I love that the front and back are separated. I think that really says SPRING! The color pictured is Silver Sconce, but I can’t decide between these and the Frappe Platino.

4 » Toucan Hats 4½” Brim Sunhat



I am forever perusing Tuckernuck. I got to thinking the other day about the things I might need to buy for Spring Break at the beach, and I realized I didn’t have any type of floppy hat. As someone with very fair, very sunburn-able skin, protecting myself from the sun is a must. Even if it won’t be warm enough to sit out on the beach during Spring Break, I’ll still need something other than sunscreen to protect my ears, face, and neck. This hat is understated but so, so cute. I’m not really a fan of the monogrammed Marley Lilly hats, so this is a great alternative. And at $40, it’s hard to beat!

5 » Gap Leather Sandals



Okay, I really tried to only have one of each type of item on this list, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want these shoes for this spring! They’re just so simple and look so comfortable, but still effortless and cute. They come in two other colors, so they can fit into anyone’s wardrobe. I think I might want to get them for my trip to Colorado this summer, but we’ll see what my wallet thinks about that…;)

6 » Essie’s She’s Pampered



Here’s another item I already bought… #oops. I was at Target the other night and I remembered I needed a nail polish for prom (another post to come on that later) and knew that I wanted a bold, dark pink. This color caught my eye immediately and after a little in-store test, I knew it was the one. It’s listed on the Essie website in the Reds family, but it’s really more on the pink side. While I was there, I also tried on Sand Tropez, and I loved it too. Future purchase?

That’s my list so far for spring. I might do another for things that aren’t clothes, but don’t hold me to that 😉 What are some products you’re lusting over this spring?



I might as well jump into making posts like this, so here goes!

I’m not really a “purse” kind of person. I have a few I like and use if I need to, but I don’t carry one on a regular basis. Most of what I carry is in my school backpack or in my hands. Although I travel lightly, there’s still a few things I always make sure I have on me:

1 » Chapstick

Chapstick is something that I know I’ll be miserable without, so I always make sure to have some with me. I have tubes of chapstick in every coat pocket, in my pencil case, in my car… everywhere! In a pinch, chapstick can also be used on dry, chapped hands when it’s really cold. My personal favorite is Burt’s Bees, because it’s minty fresh and made right here in North Carolina!

2 » Ibuprofen

Honestly, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t carry ibuprofen. I don’t get headaches often, so when I do get one, I am really thrown off. Also, I like being able to help someone who needs a painkiller. I have a few of the Advil travel tubes that I refill and keep in my backpack, train case, and car.

3 » Body butter

I get a lot of compliments on my soft hands, and it’s because I keep a little tub of body butter with me all the time. I like to use body butter instead of hand lotion because of its thicker consistency. Also, it’s nice to be able to take out some lotion during class if you need a quick pick-me-up and your hands are feeling a little dry. Right now, I’m using theSoap and Glory “The Righteous Butter”. It’s part of a 3-pack of Soap and Glory that I got for Christmas, and at 50 mL, it’s the perfect carrying size.

4 » Blotting papers

My skin isn’t overly oily, I like using blotting papers just to freshen up. These come in handy especially in the summer months when the heat can make my skin feel a little gross. Right now, I’m using Boscia’s Pink Peppermint Blotting Linens. I love the packaging of these, and they smell of peppermint! However, they are limited edition and I’m not sure how long they’ll be available. Alternately, Boscia’s Blotting Linens are great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin (and the packaging is adorable!).

5 » Water Bottle

I might sound like a broken record for a minute, but drinking water is so important. Since I started carrying a water bottle, my skin has cleared up and I just feel healthier. It’s important to me that my water bottle doesn’t leak, because there’s nothing quite as terrible as opening your backpack to find your papers soaking wet due to a faulty water bootle. That’s why I like the insulated CamelBak bottles. They are watertight and I like that the bottle is two different colors. Also, the lid has a handy loop you can hook on your finger for easy carrying!

That’s it for my must-have essentials. What do you find yourself carrying around again and again? Is there anything else you would put on this list?