A Brave New World

I’m sitting here doing something I thought I’d never do: writing a blog post. I’ve never pegged myself as the “blogger” type. The thought of publishing anything close to a personal thought on the Internet for everyone to see always seemed so daunting and unnecessary. Honestly, it still feels that way. But after reading the posts of those like Carly Heitlinger, a total introvert and nerd like myself who posts about her personal life every day, I’m feeling a bit inspired. This late Tuesday night seems to be as good a time as any other to run with this inspiration, so here I am. I hope that when I become a famous and revered blogger, people read this post and realize a) how embarrassing this is and b) even the most lame whims can turn into great things. I hope you’ll stick around with me while I embark on this great blogging journey in a brave new world.